Monday, January 28, 2008

Vegetative State

Warning: most of your household products are full of chemicals and I feel I may be late to this game but the concept is currently fascinating me—in the plastic around meat and cheese, the Tupperware containers where I lock my vegetables, the bottoms of my pots and pans. There is alcohol in my conditioner, and sulfates…I know very little of chemistry but I know sulfur makes my skin itch, turns me red.

Buy oil in glass containers. Probably best to do something about dish and laundry detergent, packaging, junk mail. When my mother was young they wrapped the day's waste in the day's newspaper. Never mind those plastic bags. Microwaves have always freaked me out.

We have neglected the most natural tenants of our earth. I'm afraid there's no room for the fields where I'd like to plant my own food and wash my hair and harvest my soul and the days away. For now I'll wash my hair with rosemary oil and sea kelp and willow bark, wrap my food in wax paper, pray about mother earth and her abundance and her sweet and leaping mercy on me.

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