Wednesday, November 21, 2007

somewhat of a dying art

I like bananas. Despite the fact that they can make my blood sugar soar and are rumored to cause constipation, they are incredibly good for me—loaded with potassium. I appreciate their texture, their sweetness. I find them refreshing. I like to eat mine sliced.

Every weekday I buy a banana at the snack stand between the bus stop and my office. A young man and his daughter run the enterprise and charge me fifty cents for my daily banana. I buy the rest of my preferred produce at a market and the price of my banana certainly doesn't compare. I spend a good one hundred dollars, and more, on my bananas every year.

A thrifty person would tisk-tisk my habit. Certainly a bunch of bananas from Safeway could pad my savings, allow me another yearly trip to Pennsylvania, afford me a fancy dinner at one of the umpteen delightful restaurants in this tasty city, or lend me a handful to give to another charity each year.

But certainly, I pay for more than just my piece of fruit. I love my daily ritual, choosing my daily banana, saying good morning to the local entrepreneurs. The days that I arrive early and the bananas are still in a box, I round the corner and the owner knows exactly who I am. The bananas. He smiles, opens the box, and digs through his supply until he finds a green one. He knows my exact taste. He honors it. On those days, I gladly give him a dollar for my banana and for true conscientious service.

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