Monday, December 10, 2007

Born again and again and again: Peace begins with me

And by this we know that [Faith] abides in us, by the Spirit [Faith] has given us. (1 John 3:24)

I am born quietly, staring. No crying. For years I interpret this circumstance as shock. I am most quiet when caught off guard, in storms. I coast along in my head, monitoring my heart. The outcomes have ebbed and flowed throughout the years. I have been born again and again and again.

When things have stirred inside me I have called it God. Surrender tickles me. The trees and the wind lift me. I believe Jesus Christ was a good man. A shift in our focus is long overdue. Reality is suffering. Young men with absentee fathers are all over the place all over the place. They're angry at their *whore* mothers. They take violence for nothing.

I believe in the father, the sun, the holy ghost. I cherish and honor the mother, the daughter, this blessed earth. I am one in infinity for a mere one hundred years. My heart and my actions will last far longer. I want my good parts planted inside and along their way. That invisible strings hold us up like puppets, keep us together and going. That there is a light that burns in similar places throughout everyone. I believe that money and intentional power are the root of all evil. That they often go hand in hand. That there is a place beyond all the fighting that is like dancing and circles and feelings and faith.

I have given it to god and goddess and earth and the trees. I say it with prayers and words and by whispering it first and last thing. Much like a song with crystals and red leaves and acorns and rocks and stones. I am born quietly again and again and again. I understand that when I am silent and aware, I'm simply adjusting. That I can always come back to thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.


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