Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smelly Season

The ginkgo-biloba trees in Adams-Morgan are peaceful forceful street peppers, sometimes fancy forks. Maidenhair tree. The oldest tree on earth. Sprung from far east. Flower of the Buddhist monasteries. Revered for its medicinal qualities. Keen on short term memory. Well-travelled. Resilient. Able to withstand urban pollution.

Last night the rats were feasting on the fallen gingko stink berries. Mewing. Squeaking. Happy larks. Rats cute like birds with appreciation.

Gingkoes are deciduous, shedding their foliage every season and I lost my memory to the present. It's golden sweet, decidedly beautiful dizzying effect. This here and this now. I'll change then change then change. Deciduous ginkgo, your medicinal effect eludes me for a moment. This not so troubled child. She's dancing in meadows and stuffffff.

Ginkgoes are dioecious. There are male plants. There are female plants. Their organs do not a one tree make. Somewhere on Eighteenth Street, there must be a male but most of these beloved trees are reeking female they'll say. Darned be the females, how they bear a fruit and the season turns so the berries plunge from the tree and they stink. They are slippery.

The females are beloved. The rats of the year are beloved.

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